These images were taken from Microsoft LiveEarth's Birdseye views.
Each link will open a zoomable aerial photo taken at 45 degree angle:

North 1
North 2
North small
South small
East small
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Greetings Everyone,

As the Easton Redevelopment Authority (ERA) moves forward with its intentions to pursue the 13th St. Silk Mill property as a potential artspace project, it has decided that it would help the project gain support if the ERA could show some form of conceptual drawings/renderings of what the project could look like once completed.
To that, the ERA has asked ACE to approach its membership to see if anyone would be interested in assisting them and the city with this vital project.
Please keep in mind, that this would be pro bono work and that other artists/architects may be submitting materials as well.
It is the ERA's hope to create some buzz around the concept of the mill's future as a center for the creative industries in an effort to gain further support to that end.
Anyone who is interested should email me directly for further info and photos of the site. Thanks in advance to those who express interest, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Anthony J. Marraccini
Arts Community of Easton (ACE)